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Field studies

Ornitolan has carried out environmental impact studies and collaborated as environmental advisors in the field of fauna in a number of studies, with the aim of minimizing the negative impacts of project development.

All projects have some impact on the environment. Often the solutions are simple and economical, but unknown to project developers, so specialists at Ornitolan provide solutions aimed at reducing negative environmental impact and enhancing benefits.

Environmental impact studies

Environmental affection studies

Environmental project documents

Environmental monitoring

Studies in the Natura 2000 Network

Project monitorization

Environmental consulting

Drafting of projects for restoration and promotion of natural areas

Potentiation of biodiversity

Nature conservation

Fauna studies

Every day more and more wildlife studies are carried out, most likely as a result of the progression of a society that is perhaps farther from nature, yet more aware of the importance of its conservation. Ornitolan has carried out more than 100 fauna studies in different autonomous communities.


Counts / censuses

Migration studies

Environmental affections. Wind, solar, power lines

Radio surveillance


Sampling / censuses. Capture and non-capture.

Wildlife crossings

Radio surveillance

Environmental education

Nowadays it is essential to create awareness in order to respect and preserve nature. Ornitolan has more than 20 years of experience in environmental education. We work with all types of public (school children, homeowners, disabled people, retired people…) and we offer many courses to train future educators.

Courses in initiation to ornithology

Ornithological guides

Courses in identification of fauna and their tracks

Training of future environmental education monitors

Urban environmental education

Tourism in nature

Ornitolan also specializes in outdoor leisure in nature. More than ever, people opt for a healthful and inexpensive vacation in natural surroundings. Ornitolan offers professionalism when it comes to exploring Navarra’s natural heritage, offering tourists small routes and micro-destinations to escape from the noise and stress of the city and get to know the most beautiful corners of Navarra, from the Bardenas to the Pyrenees, all in the hands of an experienced local guide.

In Navarra you can observe everything from steppe birds to alpine birds in just a little over 100 kilometers.

Itineraries for birdwatchers (All levels of knowledge)


Visits to Natura 2000 Network sites

Guided tours with wildlife specialists